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You may be asking yourself: How exactly does Flexwork Remote Manpower Services work and what exactly is a solution that works for you?

Here Are The Answers

What contractual commitment do we have to expect when we choose Flexwork?

We offer a high degree of flexibility and contractual agreements according to your needs.

For example, vacation replacement: The Flexwork contract is limited until the end of the employee’s vacation and then expires automatically.

Sick leave substitution: The Flexwork contract is limited until the end of the employee’s sickness and ends at the end of the sickness-related downtime.

Weekly volume: A weekly work volume is agreed upon, e.g. 10 hours, which can be called up during the week.

Telephone service: An hourly rate or a basic volume can be agreed upon, which you are sure to reach. The minimum volume price is 29,90 € per month. Calls and resulting activities, e.g. taking an order, are billed in 5 minute times intervals.

  • Example of this: The agreed hourly rate is 20 €. A call with follow-up processing takes 3 minutes. Billing is in 5 minute intervals – 20 €/60 minutes = 0,33 €/minute. 5 minutes*0,33 € = 1,66 € for this call. In this example this is 18 calls/hour.
  • If the total cost of the calls does not exceed 29,90 €, only the amount of 29,90 € will be charged.
  • If more than 18 calls are processed in this example, the 5-minute interval price of 1.66 € will be charged in addition to the basic volume from the 19th call onwards.

→ When is the 5-minute interval worthwhile?
The 5-minute interval is worthwhile for you if you expect relatively few calls per hour or day. For example, if you receive 10 calls per day, you will only be charged 16.60 € per day (1.66 € per call*10).
If you have a high call volume, in this example more than 18 calls per hour, it is worth agreeing on an hourly rate.

Project support: The Flexwork contract can be limited until the end of a project. If the end of a project is delayed, the Flexwork contract can be adjusted.

Unlimited Flexwork contract: For unlimited contracts a period of notice of 4 weeks applies. For example, if you terminate a contract on September 4th 2020, the contract ends on October 2nd 2020.

What does a working hour per employee cost us?

Your advantage: You benefit from very low deployment and labor costs. Depending on the required qualifications, the labor costs start at 20 € per hour / employee. For higher qualified work (e.g. accounting, customs clearance) the hourly rates are agreed upon according to the required qualification.

Why are the costs significantly below the usual costs for temporary work?

Your advantage: We have less administration costs than e.g. temporary employment agencies and pass these savings on to our customers. Furthermore, we work with flat hierarchies, which also reduces costs.

How does the daily collaboration with Flexwork Remote Manpower Services work?

Your advantage: You receive the contact details of the employees assigned and communicate with them via telephone, chat or mail.

You can directly assign, define and change tasks, set priorities, determine the sequence or the focus of the work content for the agreed work area.

Using platforms such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom, you can hold online meetings or conduct or receive presentations.

Working with Flexwork Remote Manpower Services is similar to working in a large building where one employee is on the 10th floor and the other on the first floor. People don’t take the elevator and meet in person every time to discuss tasks.

What happens, if employees of Flexwork Remote Manpower Services, who work for me are absent, for example because they get sick or leave the company?

Your advantage: We will train at least one replacement person, so that coverage is always guaranteed in the event of a short-term absence. If several people are working for you, we will also train several replacements.

In addition, we offer to document the tasks to be taken over by us, so that even untrained employees can be deployed very quickly.

We live a modern management concept with flat hierarchies. Each team member works within a generous personal decision-making framework. We invest a lot in the extensive training of our team members and are constantly expanding personal responsibility.

This overall concept leads to a high level of satisfaction among our employees. As a result, we have a very low fluctuation rate, which is well below the usual rates.

What are the technical aspects of working with Flexwork Remote Manpower Services?

Your advantage: Documents to be processed can be sent by mail or fax. We receive faxes on a server so that we can process these documents digitally. Alternatively, documents can be uploaded to the cloud. We work with solutions from Microsoft and Google.
If data is to be processed in an ERP system or in an intranet, we use a secure VPN connection.

Is Flexwork a temporary employment agency with all the consequences under labor law?

Your advantage: Flexwork Remote Manpower Services is not a temporary employment, but a service. Therefore, restrictions applicable to temporary employment are not affected.

What flexibility options are available to me?

Your advantage: We make every effort to provide the flexibility you need.

We offer event-oriented flexibility, e.g. answering calls, writing letters and much more. In this case, we perform services when an agreed event occurs.

We offer flexibility at certain times; for example, you can have one hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon.

In addition, we offer coverage 24/7 by individual agreement.

A weekly volume can be booked, which can be distributed equally over all weekdays or concentrated on specific days.

If you do not need the same number of employees on all working days, it is possible to book a different number of employees on different working days.

Even the complete outsourcing of tasks is possible on a permanent or temporary basis.

How does Flexwork Remote Manpower Services ensure the required quality of work?

Your advantage: Our employees receive training based on the information you provide. The training specifications are documented, so that additional employees can be trained at any time without any loss of quality.
We contact our clients more frequently, particularly in the initial phase of a collaboration, in order to optimize the quality of service.

Through our internal monitoring system, quality and compliance with customer specifications are regularly checked. Especially in the initial phase of a new activity, internal checks are more frequent.

Do you have further questions? Please contact us at

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That’s what our customers say

Nesslog Expert Services GmbH has provided us with excellent support over several years in advising customers and selling cruise holidays as part of the personnel service Flexwork Remote Manpower Services. After a relatively short training period, the employees assigned to the project performed their tasks in a professional, customer-oriented and highly committed manner. The cooperation with the assigned employees and the management was very cooperative, supportive and always characterized by the will to find solutions for upcoming challenges.

Particularly worth highlighting is the excellent price-performance ratio and the special customer orientation of Nesslog. As the managing partner at the time, I can only emphasize how impressed we all were, especially our sales team, with the quality of the services.

Andreas Köster-Clobes


We have been employing the Nesslog company as a telephone service provider for years and forward calls when necessary. The service is uncomplicated, reliable and very cost-effective. The employees are very friendly, supportive and always solution-oriented.

Manuela Peyerl

Owner, Guest & More


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